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The Confidence Boost That Comes With Retail

Apart from the obvious factors that come with working within retail; kissing goodbye to your weekends, the odd shift patterns, a juicy staff discount - I wanted to have a natter about the (dare I say) slightly deeper factors that come with a working shop front & encountering more than a variety of different faces & personalities on a daily basis.

I've had my fair share of retail employers, from The Body Shop through to high street fashion power troupers such as Topshop & Allsaints & therefore feel that I dipped my toes in a variety of different products, policies & of course customers.
I also discovered that retail is a very peculiar world, as well as pretty weird & wonderful with of course one or two additional shitters thrown in for good measure.
When I say shitters, I mean the gross stock take that is dreaded for every single employee, replenishment hour (which always took stupidly longer than it ever should) & of course the sale preparation.. oh my god…

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