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Pill Free *Update*

Happy Sunday folks! Hope you've had a smasher of a weekend. Thought I'd write up a little blog post to follow from my 'Coming Off The Pill' debut, which is all linked up if you fancy a previous read. Basically, a brief update if you're not fancying the catch up is that I'd be thinking long & hard about breaking free from the contraceptive pill, Yasmin. The reasoning behind this decision is purely down to the side effects personally experienced as well as the health risks this teeny tiny pill hauls along with it. Yeah, I'm just not feeling it tbh..
When you discuss distancing yourself with your common contraceptive the most recurring response from loved ones & other social sources is 'are you trying for a baby?', but let me assure you at 25 years old this was certainly not on the cards. As mentioned previously I can barely take care of myself on a daily basis let alone a pocket size sprog, so no, switching up my contraception option is not for…

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