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The Content Filtering Fear

A very happy post Bank Holiday if you were jammy enough to have a long old weekend stuck in a beer garden somewhere, slurping away on something fruity & bubbly. I however, have smashed my Bank Holiday allowances out in Spain & therefore lucked out such a weekend, but we did have a 24 hour stint in the incredible city of Barcelona, so I guess I drew a pretty sweet straw. 

Let's have a natter about our content filtering, shall we? I had thought about typing something similar to this post for a wee while but only recently have I felt the full effects & therefore passionate enough to create a blog post.
So what is content filtering? Well, it's a name I've sort of concocted in my brain for something that I'm sure we've all experienced at one point or another. But for example, ever wanted to post a photo on Instagram but not felt it would be received well by your 'audience'? 

Or how about a Tweet that you feel would ruffle a few too many feathers than yo…

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