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Getting Savvy With Femme Luxe

Hey there chippies! How's this week been treating you so far? A good'en I hope! Let's cut straight down to the dirty business & let me introduce you to Femme Luxe,who if you don't know already are a women's wear super affordable fashion site who specialize in some of the most effortless chic pieces that money has to offer. Dressed up or down, fancy or chilled, night out or night in - I'm pretty convinced that there will be something you can hands down rock! 

There are a handful of smaller boutique style sites popping up all over social media as well as on sponsored posts & I'm too easily lead astray not to click on those dreamy ads. I'm 100% a window shopper, if you would use that term online? But I can spend a ridiculous amount of hours flicking through page after page, filling up a virtual basket & then dreaming/drooling over those fancy garments that are 2-3 working days away from my grasp.

You know the ones, right? Well, Femme Luxeis just …

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