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The Guilt Of Not Living Life To The 'Full'

Happy Sunday Sweet-cheeks! Hope you're chillaxing, relaxing to the max & not sweating the small stuff. Today we're hosting our annual doggy party for my little poops Archie & Lily who turn 4! Literally.. things get super weird on this day- there's doggy friendly cake, party bags & treats (my Mumma really goes to town & is totally in her element). So, whilst we have the calm before the storm I thought I'd get typing on a fresh blog post before the hairballs tear the place apart (gulp!)..

The Guilt Of Not Living Life To The 'Full'- can anyone relate?
For some time now social media has really smacked the obvious that we 'youngsters' need to be making the most of our youth & exploring as much of the world & taking as many opportunities as we can get our mitts on. But how realistic are these expectations?

One really stuck on my mind after my usual Facebook endless scrolling, which said something along the lines of 'I'd rather hav…

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