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The Fear Of Opinion

Happy heatwave y'all! What an absolute scorcher of a week & a bit we've been blessed with over in the UK, although I am longing for my beloved Autumn to fly to the rescue. Still- can't complain too much as this is such a rarity!

So I've been thinking, a dangerous thought I know - but how are our decisions effected by the thought of someones opinion? I'm pretty sure I can confidently say that the majority of us have hesitated at some point in our lives before making a commitment or action in case of an unwelcomed opinion.
Not necessarily a family member or a loved one but perhaps a gaggle of school friends on Facebook that you no longer speak to, or that random stranger who's followed your Instagram profile since the dawn of time or even an Ex who pops up from time to time? 
It could be something as simple as posting a photo online that you're not 100% confident with the lighting/angle/contrast but you're a little hesitant to post it anyway in case of a…

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